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The first Cannabis Social Club in The Netherlands




The Tree of Life has been founded in Amsterdam for citizens/cannabis consumers that are unsatisfied with the present situation, wherein you can buy cannabis in a coffeeshop without knowing where the cannabis comes from and with no reliable information about the chemistry and the possible effects of the product.

Besides, our members find it ethically unacceptable that the present system of illegal cultivation brings consumers (directly or indirectly) in contact with the criminal world.

In the beginning, the Tree of Life, CSCA has made an attempt to extend the present tolerance system (Gedoogbeleid) to the growing. Unfortunately, an official statement of the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam has put an end to it.

After doing ourselves a lot of legal research and consulting the best experts in the field, we came to the conclusion, that the goal of The Tree of Life, CSCA is not to set up an illegal plantation in order to challenge the authorities in a court case. That would only end up (in the best case scenario) in a conviction without punishment, with no immediate positive consequences for the club, but definitely with a criminal record for all board members.


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Our goal, instead, is to go much further than just being tolerated. We want to achieve a legal status by applying for an exemption from the Dutch Opium Law to be issued by the Ministry of Health. That should allow us to grow for our members on a large, professional scale. And by doing so, within a scientific research program, we could demonstrate the advantages of controlled cultivation and responsible use in terms of improvement of the public health.

The Tree of Life, CSCA understands the Cannabis Social Club as a nonprofit model for the production and distribution of cannabis within an association of consumers and under the indispensable condition that cannabis will be grown within a legal setting.

In that respect, we differ in our policy from Cannabis Social Clubs that accept to operate in a legally grey area.

Only if the cultivation can be organized in a legal way, we can assure that the production really fulfills the standards of Good Agricultural Practices and only then we can honestly supply our members with organic, uncontaminated cannabis and give reliable product information.

The Club we want to set up cannot be a small community of connoisseurs. It needs to be a bigger, complex, structured, financially self-sufficient organization that can produce a great variety of strains and even develop new ones, based on the recreational and medicinal needs of the members.This concept needs:

  1. a professional, managerial approach;
  2. advanced, environmentally sustainable growing technologies and equipment;
  3. a system of quality control that can scientifically evaluate the effects of the cannabis on the members.


From now on you can book your membership!

Cannabis Social Club Amsterdam invites all cannabis consumers from all corners of The Netherlands (21 y.o.  or older) to book their membership in order to take part in the first  legal growing experiment, namely:

“ Scientific Research on a regulated cannabis supply chain”

That’s a unique, pioneering project that CSCA develops together with the University of Amsterdam (UvA and AMC).

For you, cannabis consumer, it means:

1.  You get high quality cannabis, organically grown, clean  and finetuned on your needs and preferences.

2.  Your preferences, experiences and ratings will be included in a scientific research and you will help develop an expertise centre, that will set the standards and the legal frame for cultivation, quality and product information.

3. As no profit is made, you only pay for production costs. That means in the end: a fair price for a high quality product.

If you are among the first 500 candidate members, you will get

a welcome bonus of 5 gr legally grown weed.

Fill in the pre-application form online!

Scientific Research

The Tree of Life, CSCA is working on a  scientific research program on the effects of controlled growing on adult responsible cannabis users. This program makes it possible for consumers to rely on accurate information about the growing process, the quality and the chemistry of the cannabis which will be produced exclusively for the members of the association.

The scientific research program will be performed under a special exemption from the Dutch Opium Law to be issued by the ministry of Public Health.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA, Institute of Criminology) and the  Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) have set up the  research plan.

According to the plan, the members of the Tree of Life, CSCA will first choose  the strains that will be grown in a controlled, standardized way. The cannabis will be cultivated free from pesticides and unwanted additives. The growing location will be set up following the most advanced technical standards and safety regulations. The growing operations will be performed by certified growers who will rigorously apply good agricultural practices’ protocols. The growing conditions will be constantly monitored.

Samples of the end product  will be transmitted to a University or Pharmaceutical lab  that will perform all required quality tests and compound analysis.  The analytical results will be published on the product label. For more information a digital leaflet will be accessible through a QR code. Members’ surveys and evaluations will assess whether the controlled growing and the way the product information is presented fulfil to the needs of the consumers. Following the evaluation, new cannabis strains might be grown and the product information will be adjusted according to the members’ feedback.

The research program will last 3,5 years and will be concluded by a final report that hopefully will contain new valuable insights for cannabis users, scientists and policy makers.

Board of the club:

Rosaria Ricci, chairwoman
Freek Polak, board member


The Tree of Life, CSCA applies, in general, the following criteria:

  • Screening of the members
  • Minimum age is 21
  • Only Dutch residents can be admitted
  • Members are admitted conditionally for a period of 2 years
  • After 2 years, a ballot committee decides whether a member can be definitevely admitted
  • An ethical committee monitors the integrity and the code conduct of members and employees
  • Production and distribution takes place within a closed circuit.
  • The cannabis has to be produced according to detailed GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and Quality Management protocols
  • Lab analysis has to be performed for labelling and reliable product information
  • The administration and the bookkeeping are held in a transparent way

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The Tree of Life, Cannabis Social Club Amsterdam

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